Aston Martini was, the master of illusion and a renowned cryptologist.

At home, his favourite challenge was to lock unsuspecting guests inside the attic room and await their escape. Not surprisingly, he was loved and hated in similar measure.

Then in 1943 he disappeared never to be seen again.

No clues, no body, no note, just gone. Perhaps the most fitting end to such a larger than life character.

The room at Middle Aston House was sealed in the late ’50s but was reopened in 2017 by the current owners. Refurbished and renamed the Enigma Cell in recognition of the greatest decryption of the last century, which fittingly also occurred in the year of his disappearance.

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After your Escape, celebrate your freedom with a nights stay at Middle Aston House, a three course meal and a full English breakfast all included for £125.00 per head*

Incarcerations for weekdays are at 6:30pm and for weekends 4pm or 6:30pm

*Per head price based on three, double occupancy rooms (6 participants)

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