We have a range of themes which are ideal of off-site ‘Away Days’, including;

The Quest

An inter-team competition with teams rotating around a series of problem-solving challenges. For groups who love the thrill of competition, in The Quest there can be only one winner.

Da Vinci Challenge

A collaborative challenge which sees teams attempting challenges to earn information which decodes to provide a solution. In The Da Vinci Challenge everyone contributes to the overall success.

Mission Implausible  A series of cunning practical and lateral thinking challenges usually run indoors for between 1 and 3 hours. The scenario is very flexible and can be run to be either competitive or collaborative.

Jungle Challenge

Teams build ‘Jungle Camps’ in the woods and undertake ‘Jungle Challenges to earn points (or their lunch!). The nature of the challenges can depend on how adventurous you want to be. Water is often involved…

This is an example of 4 possible themes. We can advise on many more so please simply contact us to discuss the available options.