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Who are Spellbound Events?

Everything we do is designed to help you achieve the result YOU are looking for.  We assist in identifying the areas for potential improvement and implement a program that strengthens those challenges.

Conflict management
Behavioural change


Making the work environment a fun place to be while delivering the results needed in a competitive world. We are an external eye that feeds back on delivery with over 30 years experience in the training and personal development.

We Listen - We Plan - We Deliver

Bespoke Development Programs

Tailor made programmes to highlight and develop areas for potential improvement.

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Supporting trainers

Working in partnership with training companies by providing the best activities to support your program.

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Fun Days

School sports, rafting building or the ever popular Quest. Getting to know each other? We can help!!

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AXE THROWING  After a safety brief, tuition and period of practice to hone this unusual skill, you can score points for each axe which sticks in the board.

BREAK THE BANK  Only the best can crack a safe open under pressure. Teams need to work fast to find the combinations and get their reward.

DARK SIDE  Teams need to successfully negotiate their blindfolded colleagues through an obstacle course. Is there enough trust for your colleagues to do this successfully, and with accurate and clear instruction?

DEAD LETTER BOX  A lateral thinking problem that creates lots of discussion and ideas, where teams use equipment to solve a sequential puzzle and retrieve a locked cash box left by a friendly agent.

GEOGRAPHIC JUNGLE  Teams test their knowledge by identifying the border outlines of nations, flags, capitals and landmarks from around the world.

IDENTITY PARADE  Teams test their recognition and memory skills naming a portfolio of movie stars from all the action movies. KIMs A series of unusual objects on view, you can pick them up and ask questions about them but you can’t write anything down. That only starts when they have been put away!

PICTURE PERFECT  Each team member is allocated their own pieces to a large jigsaw. Easy enough but success is only possible if you communicate well and help each other to complete the task.

ROLLERBALL  The ball must be transported as slowly and carefully as possible along your construction using the equipment provided. More reward is available for the extra twists and turns and the slowest wins the big bucks. 

ROPE CHARMER  A pile of rope and some blindfolds? no this is not 50 shades. How good are your communication skills when deprived of sight. Creating the shapes can be a lot harder than you think.

SPACE STATION  The team are trapped on a disintegrating space platform and need to move everyone to safety. A limited supply of gravity pads are available so maximum concentration is required to plan and execute your escape.

SPIDER’S WEB  The challenge is to get your team through a Spider’s Web. Cunning constraints on the team make this a game of strategy, technique, teamwork and support.

THE VAULT  Can you avoid the laser alarm systems as you stealthily cross the room and snatch the diamonds. Can you then get away without breaking the beams as the clock ticks away?

TOUCHDOWN  Numbers are placed randomly in a square, all the team need to do is tap them in order. Strategy is key to get the time faster and faster. Different plans will deliver different results.

UNDERCOVER  Teams must get as many photos as possible from the list of disguises. With digital cameras and their imagination, they’ll have 15 minutes to go ‘under-cover.’

39 STEPS  A challenging memory test. Can you get the whole team across without running out of lives? No maps, no clues, everything is stored in your head

Aston Martini was, the master of illusion and a renowned cryptologist.

At home, his favourite challenge was to lock unsuspecting guests inside the attic room and await their escape. Not surprisingly, he was loved and hated in similar measure.

Then in 1943 he disappeared never to be seen again.

No clues, no body, no note, just gone. Perhaps the most fitting end to such a larger than life character.

The room at Middle Aston House was sealed in the late ’50s but was reopened in 2017 by the current owners. Refurbished and renamed the Enigma Cell in recognition of the greatest decryption of the last century, which fittingly also occurred in the year of his disappearance.

Would you take on the challenge?   -  Can you Escape?!   -   The Top 3 best times are waiting to be beaten. Click here 

After your Escape, celebrate your freedom with a nights stay at Middle Aston House, a three course meal and a full English breakfast all included for £125.00 per head*

Incarcerations for weekdays are at 6:30pm and for weekends 4pm or 6:30pm

*Per head price based on three, double occupancy rooms (6 participants)

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Annie Richardson
Quantum Corporate Coaching

I have now worked with Dave at Spellbound Events on three separate occasions and have found his approach to be excellent in flexing to meet the clients specific requirements. He spends time to understand the client brief and adapts and amends to meet that brief. I have no hesitation in working with him in the future, as he is professional and focused on delivering good quality service.

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Karen Rayfield
Director of People & Performance

We were delighted with the work that you and Mick did with the team. Everyone really enjoyed the activities and the feedback and learning was really useful.

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Bobbie Mardle
General Manager - Middle Aston House, Oxfordshire

The Spellbound team deliver perfectly every time giving us complete confidence to recommend them as our preferred supplier. Attention to our clients requirement and a refreshingly new approach, compliments the high standards expected from Middle Aston House customers.

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Lesley Leech
Director, Human Resoursec

We made use of Spellbound Events during one of our Leadership meetings (held in Germany during May 2018). The aim was to improve communication and alignment between our business leaders. There was a lot of fun and laughter...but also a lot of learning as the group had to work together to solve a number of challenges and to complete activities. Feedback received from the group was that it was an excellent event

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David Newman


David previously owned and managed a successful high street insurance brokerage. Having sold at the top of the market in 2007 he decided to use his 20 years commercial and 20 years adventure training experience to explore the Learning and Development arena. After 10 years working for an adventure training company it was time to create Spellbound Events

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Please note:-

The Enigma Cell is designed for 6 participants and charged for 6 attendees. Current social distancing rules dictate no more than 6 persons.

A supplement is charged for twin rooms or single occupancy, please indicate clearly your bedroom requirements.

Event Date

 Loved it, super fun and very inclusive. Our team really worked well I was very impressed with the room 

GOLD - 51min 19sec + 1 x 3min clue - 54 minutes 19 Seconds (11 players)

 As a development tool this was unobtrusively engaging. The team were immersed 

Fuel Learning
SILVER - 52min 36sec + 2 x 3min clue - 58 minutes 36 Seconds (9 players)

 "Amazing fun, the time flew by. Laughter and smiles, just what we wanted for our little break away" 

Newdley Rugsters - Weekend break
BRONZE - 71min 12sec + 2 x 3min clue - 77 minutes 12 Seconds (6 players)